Satellite Broadband / Internet

Satellite broadband in Shetland & Orkney

Are you tired of annoyingly slow internet speeds, continual buffering and interrupted service? Are you unable to watch BBC iPlayer and YouTube, and use Skype successfully? Then you need the super-fast world of satellite broadband! Starting from £1 a day (plus hardware and optional installation) you'll be in a completely different world with internet speeds of up to 22Mbps download and 6Mbps upload, direct from the satellite: no need for a phone line or reliance on slow or interrupted BT outages!

If you are tired of the 'world wide wait', you should have satellite broadband installed by IsleSat. Please call Jim in Shetland on 0845 643 6707 Daran in Orkney on 01856 761 205

Choose VoIP phone and dispense with BT forever!

It could take years to get fibre optic internet to remote areas of the Northern Isles - so why wait? We supply and install fast satellite broadband internet equipment throughout the Northern Isles and beyond for both domestic and business customers. We have packages available to suit your home or business needs. Please contact IsleSat for further information, prices or to book an installation.

Why choose satellite broadband?

Traditional 'wired' internet services connect you to the internet using copper phone lines, or if you are really very lucky, fibre optic cables. This works well if you live near an exchange, but less so if you live more remotely or even if the cables between you and your exchange take a tortuous route. Satellite broadband uses direct communication to a satellite to both download and upload your data from the internet - without the need to connect to a telephone line! You can compare download speeds by clicking this speed checker link. In most rural locations in Shetland and Orkney, you might be lucky to achieve a download speed of between 200Kbps & 500Kbps (kilobits per second). For instance, based on an average speed of 500Kbps, a 25Mb file would take over 6 minutes to download. Downloading the same 25Mb file on a Two-way™ 22Mbps connection - would take less than 10 seconds! Yes, with satellite broadband internet, you'll be able to contact friends and family on Skype (without the usual frustrating screen 'freezes'), and you'll enjoy downloading and uploading pictures, watching clips on YouTube, movies and other data; all at high speed and hassle free.