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Living in Shetland or Orkney we are all aware of the 'unique' weather of the islands. This same weather also needs to be considered when buying any form of satellite system. ALL satellite systems deploy some form of satellite dish as its receiving antenna. These satellite dishes need to be able to withstand the weather conditions of the Shetlands.

For those in remote areas Satellite Internet / Broadband is the only form of usable internet service available. In recent years satellite broadband speeds have become comparable, if not better than standard land based fibre optic broadband systems making them the preferred choice for many. So being geographically remote no longer means being remote from society, with such as on-line gaming, Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc are just a click away for ALL of the family.

Extreme weather and age will take their toll on satellite equipment, regardless of materials used. To get you up and running again quickly we provide a satellite system repair service across the Shetland Islands. As a more pro-active approach we also provide fixed price annual service and inspections to help maintain your satellite system, extend its life and help ensure a constant supply of satellite services.

A Linsar smart LED TV transforms an ordinary television receiver into an interactive entertainment centre with near limitless functionality. For example: from the comfort of an armchair, access a host of free and subscription-based online services such as BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Netflix, Now TV and YouTube. Our high-tech televisions are very reasonably priced and come with various extras included in the price. We can even deliver and set it up for you!


If you have ever tried to set up a satellite dish without the correct equipment then you will know how sensitive the signal strength is to movement of the parabolic focal point of the dish. Even a well installed dish can develop a small movement at its base that translates to significant movement of the dish itself. We can re-aline your satellite dish using sate of the art equiment that ensures you get the very best signal quality from your system.

At your service in Shetland

Founded in 2008 and now trading as IsleSat Ltd, Jim McGuill purchased IsleSat in June 2015. Born in Ayrshire, Jim has been in the industry for over 23 years. After spending seven years in the cable TV industry, Jim has worked the past 16 years as senior engineer for SCCI Alphatrack, one of the largest communications companies in the UK.

At your service in Orkney

Trading as Signal Systems (UK) Ltd since 1991, Daran is a permanent resident on Orkney and has a solid and long background in both engineering and communications. Daran is also a member of the CAI which is the recognised body for the aerial and satellite industry.

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What our clients say

Hi Jim, Thank you for the work you carried out in January 2014. It was good to deal with somebody with such a professional approach - pity there are not more like you in Shetland!.

Mark & Sue Imre

Billister, North Nesting, Shetland

"Many thanks for a good job! Happy to say the new galvanised satellite dish has withstood everything the recent weather has thrown at it!

Caroline & John Ratter

Gruten, Voe, Shetland

I was most impressed by the professional installation of my new galvanised dish and FreeSat receiver. IsleSat are a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend their services!



Just a quick note to say thank you for your very prompt attention when our Sky dish 'gave up the ghost' the other day. It was a pleasure to do business with someone who clearly puts customer service first.

M Bell


Thank you so much for all your help in opening up the world of Free-To-Air Satellite Telly. With all the obstructions I had, trees, chimneys, etc., I didn’t think it would be possible. I would thoroughly recommend IsleSat to anyone looking to increase their telly experience!

K Watt